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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blogging is not my hobby..

i dont even blog anymore guys..

do u guys read my post still. i mean i only have like 860 views..thats it..

im thinking of doing a VLOG channel on youtube but i dont have a camera..

have any recomendations

i dont know

i think blogging is for noobs..

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's my 13th BDAY!! :))))

YAAAY its my bday today!! im finally 13. though it doesn't make me feel different. We were supposed to celebrate today but im fasting. so we celebrated yesterday night and had a huge chocolate ice cream cake!! other news is that im finally interested in anime like naruto especially.. i dont know why..
well i dont have much to talk so maybe later i'll do more writing later.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Got My Laptop yesterday!! :D

YAAAAYYY!! i got my laptop now!!! mwuhhahahahaa!! now i could play awesome games like mw3 or amnesia!! tis laptop is gonna be a beast!!!sorry cant upload pic of the laptop but maybe later!!! :P 

Every day must have a good half and a bad half. So the bad half is that the internet here is SUPER SLOOOWW!! and that means i cant download games.. :(  So far i only managed to download slender the eight pages. maybe later ill do a video on it n ill post it on my channel... 

thx for takin ur time to read this and plz comment so tht i could do better and always stay tuned for more adventures..

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sorry for Not Posting lots!!!! :(

hey guys!!! sorry for not blogging for a whole heck of a time!! :( i was travelin a lot and i didnt have any wifi cuz i was in villages for most of the travelling period!! we were just visitin relatives, but we did have some fun!! Some crazy places i went was to this hot springs and that time at breakfast i accidently went into the ladies bathrooom!!!! can u believe it?? THE LADIES BATHROOM!!!! D:   

Most i cant remember because it was so long n i really wanted to tell wat happened during my "adventures". I guess the most recent fun thing i did was yesterday night when i went to the cinemas n watched Monsters University!!! It was great! I got a huge bag of popcorn n soda to myself!!! :D  Eventually i finished my bag {Im a fast eater n im a monster when it comes to food ;) } and then i had to take some of my sister's popcorn *sorry sis* :P 

Well maybe next week or this week ill blog about me gettin a new laptop! *finally*
Imm a get this awesome gamin machine! its core i5 with 2.6 ghz and after i clock, its gonna be 3.7 i guess??? Its got nvidia geforce 720m so its gonna be a beast!!!! Well stay tuned and comment and follow me!!! PEEZZ OUT!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So Far this week!! :d :/

Wat up peepz! Theres was so much i went through but i forgot and i didnt have access to internet! So let me tell u some brief stuff that happened so far this week. Well most i cant remember but yesterday was one of the awesome days u get!

 First we went to the twin towers and then we went to the aquarium and saw a piranha feeding show. Then late at night me n my uncle went to this market n bought some jerseys. I also got a darth vader shirt!! :p b

Today we went to cameron highlands!! :) we rode throught the hills for like an hour!! BORINGO!! but wat ev.
Good nigt guyz its late for me so c ya later! Plz comment and follow!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Waazzzuupp!! its just one day after my arrival in malaysia and i feel great. well not solo great when jetlag strikes. The timezone between ksa and malaysia is 5 hours so that means i could be staying up till 12 AM in malaysia and it will still be 7 PM at ksa. That means im still awake!! and if its like 8 AM here in malaysia, its like 3 AM in the morning at isa which means ill be very sleepy!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Ahhhhhhh!!!  Finally got back from the airport but im still fresh awake even though its like 12 AM in malaysia! Okkk first let me tell u wat happened during my journey from Yanbu till Kuala Lumpur... It all started at 4 pm at Yanbu airport. My dad dropped me off there with all of the luggage until he came back to the airport with my family. So i waited there 2 and a half hours!!! Imagine waiting wit nothing to do for 2 hours!!! So when he came to the airport i was a bit mad at him for being late. I didnt tell him i was mad at him. I just kept quiet. So then time passed by and i flew to riyadh for a trransition. Unluckily we got the stairs. So i had to drag my heavy cabin luggae down the steps. That bag was freakin 12 kg or something! Maybe it was not 12 kg but to me it was!

Now heres the funny part. My family made way to Terminal 2 in riyadh airport and when we got to the immigration, we had to show our passports. So all of my family members passed EXCEPT ME! The officer said i didn't "exist" in the system! I was like "what????" So the officer told me to go to the management office or something. So me and my dad went there. The guy at the office confirmed that i didn't " exist". -_-  then i literally screamed at the officer in a shushed voice saying p "look at that proof! Ive been here 7 years and u say i dont exist? Vat is this? Ive been to the netherlands, belgium, malaysia, egypt and saudi arabia and now u say that i dont exist?????"  So then the officer made me fill out a form to supposedly "RE EXIST". I then just joked around wit my mom about me being reborn into a new life.

We then had to wait to board the B777-200 to malaysia. Just dont get me wrong bros. dont give me comments about " ha very naughty boy aaahh!,," but as i waited for the time to board i saw this really hot i guess 14 or 13 year old philipino girl..meh i tried my best to impress her but i didnt. She did take a few glances. I could say im not really the player type. :p "sadly" :/

Then we arrived at malaysia and did everything else and now im at my grandmas houz..
This is a really long story but i hope u guys enjoyed it!! Thanks for reading and comment!!!